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VoltSafe Winter Tips for a Happy Connector


With another wave of cold temperatures expected to be sweeping through the country this month, we wanted to share some tips on how to keep your VoltSafe Winter engine block heater plug happily functioning.

Watts Up?  Only to 840W

When the temperature drops it may be tempting to load up on devices that will boost heat to your vehicle. VoltSafe Winter is safety certified to work with engine block heaters only, and ones that draw under 840W. Don't get tangled in a web of connections – stick to a single block heater per plug. Attempting to daisy chain other devices like oil pan heaters or fans will overload the wattage draw to the VoltSafe Winter plug, risking malfunction and eventually burning the device out.

Keep it Exclusive

Other than oil pan heaters and fans,  you might think a battery blanket, trickle charger or battery maintainer would cause no harm as they operate on a low amperage. These extra gadgets, including battery chargers and blankets, come with a capacitive load that can disrupt the delicate electronic components within the VoltSafe Winter plug causing it to stop working. Keep the electrical noise and voltage fluctuations these gadgets bring away from your VoltSafe Winter plug and keep it running smoothly.

Plug it In, Plug it in

When temperatures dip below -30C during the winter season, don't forget to keep your VoltSafe Winter connected to power. Remove all schedules and use the plug on dummy mode when temperatures plummet below -30°C to ensure the electrical current keeps the cable and electrical components within the active side warm. If you happen to forget, bring the plug inside to warm it up, then when it is all warmed up plug it into power and run on dummy mode until the temperature rises again.

It’s important to learn the ideal conditions to keep your VoltSafe Winter happy (and doing the right things to ensure you don’t void its limited warranty)