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Get behind the wheel with these 5 adaptive tools


Over the years, operating a vehicle has become more accessible for those with mobility concerns. Car manufacturers and accessory makers have developed tools to make it easier for anyone to get in a car and drive themselves to the store or on a short road trip. Many accessories are available to help those with mobility issues regain the freedom and independence to drive themselves around or just to the corner store to get the necessities. If you or a loved one with mobility issues is looking for a car or updating your own, here are some helpful accessories to consider. 

#1 Keyless start

It is becoming less and less necessary to have a key to start your car. That's good news for those of us who lose our car keys constantly. The majority of cars now have keyless entry. A simple button press or fingerprint recognition will start the car. You can also unlock your doors and boot with a remote control device or a fingerprint sensor with keyless entry systems.  

#2 Steering wheel cover

You don't have to exert much pressure to maintain control of the steering wheel when you use rubber or silicone steering wheel covers. 

#3 Steering wheel handle knob
These knobs fit onto your steering wheel and provide low to zero effort steering which is essential for those with arthritis or require single hand control.

#4 Portable Grab Bar

Portable grab bars latch onto the door to help you get out of the vehicle with ease. 

#5 VoltSafe Winter Magnetic Block Heater Plug

Don’t forget to keep that car engine warm. VoltSafe’s prongless design uses magnets to connect your block heater to power. So you can easily connect and disconnect your block heater from power with a gentle snap to connect the two sides and a twist to disconnect the active from the passive which will stop the flow of electricity to your block heater. What’s more, the active side will remain safe to the touch as the contacts act as a gateway to prevent electricity from flowing when not paired to the passive side of the plug. It also comes with a WiFi enabled app which helps you control the plug remotely and set daily or weekly schedules. 

Using a VoltSafe Winter Magnetic Block Heater Plug is just one of many solutions available for those looking for a safe and easy way to connect to power. 

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