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3 tips to keep your car engine warm in -50C weather


Ditch that old outdoor extension cord for a VoltSafe Winter to your keep your engine from freezing.

We’ve all been there. It’s so cold you think you spotted a polar bear outside your window, but you soon realize it’s just a misshaped snowman. Most of us take shelter in our warm homes when the temperature drops. In some areas of the country, it can get as cold as -50C. Unless you have a heated garage, chances are your vehicle will be stuck outdoors, destined to turn into a block of ice. So how do you keep your car running in frigid temperatures?  We have some simple tips:

#1  Use a block heater

Block heaters are the best way to keep your engine warm. The type of block heater and power you will require to warm your engine will depend on the type of vehicle you own and how cold it gets in your city or town. Block heaters warm up the oil which lubricates the engine and parts so that starting up your vehicle and running it is easy and cost-efficient.

#2  Use arctic rated power cords

Connecting your block heater to an electrical cord that can withstand these temperatures is important, as not all electrical cords are made the same way. Arctic rated cords are manufactured to withstand sub-zero temperatures. The material used on the VoltSafe Winter Magnetic Block Heater Plug keeps the cord flexible.

#3)  Keep the power flowing

It’s best not to use a timer or schedule when the temperature drops below -35C. The electrical current flowing through the cord keeps the cord warm and keeps power flowing to your block heater. The VoltSafe Winter Magnetic Plug is rated to work in temperatures down to -50C.