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5 Winter Safety Tips for Seniors or Those with Mobility Challenges


We’ve compiled 5 of the most important tips for a (Volt)safe winter.

Winter can be daunting for seniors and those who struggle with mobility due to arthritis, injuries and other challenges. Being prepared for getting around during the winter months is important so we’ve put together a checklist to help ensure everyone is safe during this chilly time of the year.

#1 Shoes with proper traction

Make sure that your shoes are waterproof and have the proper traction. Check the soles of your shoes and make sure they haven’t worn down. Ice grippers are really helpful especially on those icy sidewalks.

#2 Tires, wheelchairs, walkers, and canes

Your shoes aren’t the only things that need proper traction during winter. Make sure that you have winter tires on your car. Equally important, if you or someone you know relies on a wheelchair, to have all-terrain tires on a wheelchair. It’s a good idea to check for wear on the traction of the rubber caps of canes and walkers as well.

#3 Rock salt and sand

Traction on sidewalks and driveways can be vastly improved with a little rock salt and sand. The rock salt helps to melt the ice and sand will help to provide traction while the ice is melting.

#4  Set outdoor lights on a timer

If there is any black ice on your driveway or sidewalk, having proper lighting will help reveal those icy patches. The winter months mean less sunlight and daylight hours. Placing your lights on a timer will provide adequate light to see things like ice on your porch, steps or driveway.

#5 VoltSafe Winter Block Heater Extension Cord

Before you find yourself in a situation where you have to drive, you will have to warm up your car engine. The best thing to do is to ensure that you are able to get power flowing to your block heater. VoltSafe Winter comes with an app which will allow you to turn it on and off from the comfort of your home or even set a recurring schedule. This means that you can avoid having to go back and forth to your car to plug and unplug your extension cord. You can simply wait until your car’s engine is all warmed up before you exit your home and hit the road. Another great feature is that you can allow someone else to schedule the device for you from their phone. So if you find you’re not so tech savvy, you can have a friend or family member help you.

Let’s get to how easy it is to use VoltSafe Winter compared to a traditional electrical cord. The prongs found on the usual electrical cord have been replaced with magnetic contacts. So if you lack mobility in your hands or if your fingers get stiff during cold weather and you need to wear thick gloves to keep them warm, the easy magnetic connection and disconnection will allow you to keep your gloves on and keep those fingers warm while using the plug. Unlike prongs, the contacts on the plug are safe to touch. There is no risk of electrocution. The reason is that when the active and passive sides of the  plug are disconnected, electrical current (power) stops flowing, so even if the surface of the contacts get wet from snow, you will not be electrocuted.